Top 10 universal gifts for a man

1. The gift made with your own hands (very valuable gift).
2. Leather purse (will last your boyfriend a long time).
3. Flash card USB, external hard drive (useful for everyone).
4. Gift certificates of a gift shop or perfume boutique (win-win).
5. E-book, phone, tablet, laptop, such gifts suit well to businessmen.
6. Accessories and gadgets for his favorite things - a car, phone, TV, computer (universal gifts).
7. Console games or toys for adults with remote control. Buy him radio controlled helicopter and you will see how much he will be delighted.
8. The disk with his favorite movie or favorite music group album (economical gift).
9. Kits for tourism and recreation, as well as sports equipment (for sports guys).
10. Season ticket to attend a fitness club (for those who care about their health).

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