Tips to care of footwear


- Do not skimp on the means of care the shoes. The water-repellent spray is very important for suede shoes. It is better to use not colorless cream, but the cream in the color tune of your shoes.
- If shoes are wet and soiled, you should make them in good condition: to clean and to dry the shoes immediately, otherwise they can deteriorate
- Shoes, which are made of lacquered leather is better not to wear in the wet weather. After returning home, you should immediately treat the shiny surface with the glycerin.
- Salt stains from the anti sleet reagents can be washed off with warm water or a mild solution of vinegar.
- To dry the shoes on the batteries is categorically prohibited. The right to be: remove the insole and tightly fill the inside of the shoes with the newspapers. (Yes, with newspapers).
- Try to have three or four pairs of shoes for each season. If there is only one, then it is very quickly become completely useless.


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