How not to let the shoes spoil the first date

Autumn slush and snow porridge are the most popular reagents in winter. For shoes there is nothing more destructive, especially when you go out on a date in a restaurant or cafe. How to keep the boots and shoes - is explained in this article.

Namely in the autumn-winter period our shoes undergo to the maximum negative impact of water, mud, various reagents. It is known that boots and shoes will serve as long as possible if you will properly care for them. First of all, we need the water-repellent funds for suede and delicate shoes and colored creams for every type of shoe. It is also desirable to have even the sponges impregnated with silicone, which are also commercially available.

Once you have come from the street and took off your shoes, the first thing you need to do is to take any tissue that is designed for cleaning shoes, and wipe your Naot shoes.

Once the footwear is dry, it should be treated with a cream of corresponding color. It is necessary to apply a thin layer and leave shoes to dry. You can even leave the shoes on all night and polish it in the morning. Leather shoes are polished with a soft brush.

The good quality cream will be sufficient to apply a maximum two times per week.

For the suede shoes you need to use water-repellent sprays using special brushes.

Lacquered shoes should be worn very carefully and preferably in the rain you must not wear them. When you come home, lacquered shoes must be carefully and dry wiped, you will be surprised but it is possible to treat the lacquered shoes with warm milk, vegetable oil or glycerin.

If after coming home you have found white traces on your boots, which are appeared from substances with which abundantly sprinkled the streets of our cities in the winter, the best thing you can do - to put your shoes under warm, running water.

You can also use folk remedies - white vinegar diluted with water. This acidified water will gently help you to wash the white marks on the shoe.

Lionel Fisher, experienced specialist of shoe production on behalf of Walking on a Cloud Naot shoes company gives the recommends on how to properly take care of your shoes in winter and autumn, so as to always look neat.

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