What to present to a boyfriend? Top 3 best gifts

It is more difficult to make gifts to men than to women! A woman will be delighted virtually with any new thing: whether it is a new cosmetics product, or a new outfit, or sweet souvenir, or knick-knacks for home decorating, etc., but if you want to make a present to a man you will have to spend time and be creative to pick up a gift in accordance with his individual taste, or to be banal presenting another shaving kit or a shower gel... What to present to a man, if the wishes and preferences are unknown?

1. Computer Gadgets. This option will work with every man! If you do not know exactly what a man needs for a complete tuning of his computer, then present him a USB flash drive or a removable memory card - these things are never superfluous!
2. Computer-related souvenirs. You can choose from such useful things as cooling pad for a laptop, all sorts of lamps, muffin for a cup with a heating powered from a USB-connector.
3. Classic shirt of calm colors. This gift is really all-purpose.

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