Do not let nail problems spoil your date

Nails reflect the state of health, you can determine the character of the diet, presence of stress and hormonal disorders with a single look at your partner's nails. Brittle, exfoliating nails are clear signs of internal problems, but on the other hand, there are diseases affecting the nail plate only and foot fungus is among them. This disease can really spoil your date. Therefore, you should know about progressive treatment methods, which help a person to cure this disease. Read more dating tips or how to get yourself prepared for a perfect date.

First of all, you must realize that fungal infection of the nails (onychomycosis) will not get cured by itself. The disease will be only progressing, eating the plates of foot nails with the time. Once the disease got into a nail, it will spread to all the nails on feet and hands and might even affect the skin. Ideally, healthy nails should be firm, smooth, matte shiny, without the spots of pinkish color. Any change in their appearance is a signal that there is a problem with your health. In this case, you should deal with the very cause first. Nails of bluish color indicate on the problems with blood circulation, yellowed – problems with liver, white specks - lack of calcium in the body. And, sometimes, fungus or onychomycosis is the reason of disgusting nails.

The main problem faced by almost all the patients with onychomycosis is the fact that local antifungal medications do not penetrate under the nail plate, and systemic medications for internal use are toxic for the liver and cause immune system suppression. In this regard, laser treatment has become increasingly popular. This type of therapy has been used in clinical practice not for so long, but has already proved its effectiveness. To understand this treatment, you need to become familiar with the benefits of laser techniques, which include:

1. Safety as laser beam affects only the mycelium of fungi, leaving the remaining healthy tissue intact.
2. Painlessness and well-tolerance.
3. High effectiveness as results become visible after the very first session.

Janice Becker for about effective foot fungus treatment carried out in modern clinics.

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