How to improve the state of facial skin quickly

When a woman gets herself prepared for a date she has to take into account millions of nuances. She carefully considers the outfit, the style of her hair, make up, manicure and so on, but the most important point to pay attention to is the state of facial skin. Is it possible to improve the state of facial skin quickly, when preparing for a date? Here are some tips from

The first and the foremost: make a revision in the refrigerator: throw away mayonnaise and ketchup, sausages and smoked products, sweets and cakes without any regrets. Turn your fridge into a kingdom of healthy and tasty food. Go to a store to buy cabbage, carrots, peas, parsley and beets, cheese, sour cream, yogurt, any fruit and berries.

The second: allocate not less than two hours for a walk. Fresh air combined with the motion will give you rosy cheeks and good mood.

Third: a skin looks good when you rest well. Therefore sleep in a well-ventilated room not less than eight hours a day.

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