3 rules of the second date

The first date is always a little bit chaotic. You only start getting to know each other, talk a lot, do timid faltering steps, shy and feel uncomfortable. If you have agreed to have a second date, then most likely, you have come to a conclusion that a person is worth your attention, and you need another evening to get to know him better. The development of relations after the first date is a kind of a game with figures and a confirmation that your feelings are becoming stronger and more interesting after every rendezvous. So, the basic rules of a second date.

Diversify your dates, change the environment, time and place on the second date. Whatever you come up, do not make a second date a replica of the first one. It is time to show your well-developed imagination. If you had a dinner in the restaurant and went to the movies on the first date, go to the amusement park or water park on the second. Turn your meeting into a mini-adventure, exciting and fun as much as possible. Do not make the second date too romantic. Do not introduce your boyfriend to friends and relatives.

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